International Shipping

We currently provide shipping to the following countries (in no particular order):

Canada, Germany, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Mexico, Australia


You, our wonderful customer with good taste, are responsible for all taxes and duties (including VAT) imposed by your country of residence.

We, HANG TN are not responsible for any packages held by international customs agencies and it is not the responsibility of HANG TN to make the customer aware of these agencies and their actions (sorry). Please please please check with your country's customs office to determine their procedures and any potential charges.

For example, UK residents might expect a customs charge of at least 20% of the total cost of the purchase. HANG TN is not responsible for this payment. Your package may arrive at your local post office or delivery center and be held until pickup and payment is taken care of. 

If you neglect to pick up your package and it is returned to us, we will not refund the charge for original shipping.

With domestic shipping, if a package can't be delivered due to an error entering your shipping address, HANG TN is not responsible for any additional fees that may incur in order to reroute or reship the package.


If you have a USPS package marked as delivered but haven't received it, please contact your local mail facility (ie. Royal Mail in the UK).

TLDR—you will have to pay taxes and duties in your own country. We have no control over this. By purchasing a HANG TN product, you acknowledge that you are aware of this and accept it as your financial re$pon$ibility.