Prioritize Derrick Henry Over a Super Bowl, Please

Hey, Tennessee Titans fans, let's talk. Keeping Derrick Henry should be the number one priority, even over a Super Bowl win.

Are we being emotional? Yes. Absolutely.

Are we perpetuating a terrible business decision for the franchise? Maybe, probably.

But, we lead with our hearts here at HANG. And always being about business is boring.

Let's break down why Derrick should be prioritized above all else.

Put simply, we love Derrick Henry. We love collaborating with Derrick. We love writing hard-hitting opinion pieces in an attempt to boost site traffic so that more people organically see the work we've done with Derrick and our collaborative apparel line. We never want him to leave. He should never leave. This isn't about us potentially not being able to continue making apparel for our favorite player on our fav team if he were to leave, this is about Derrick's feelings.

Can you imagine Derrick ever feeling like this franchise or fan base took him for granted? Can you imagine being a part of the reason he felt that way? Absolutely not. That's insanity. Zero chance. Never.

We need to respect Derrick for everything he is: a humble, hardworking, nice game having, generational talent. The idea of him ever feeling undervalued or under-appreciated is, quite frankly, not an option. So, let's all agree to deprioritize a Super Bowl, and shift our priority to Derrick, please.

Yes, winning a Super Bowl is a massive accomplishment, and the only way to prove you have the best team in the NFL, but having Derrick, week in and week out, means more to us, as it should to everyone else in Nashville with a beating heart. 

Oh btw, we are HANG, aka Have A Nice Game, we are a counter-culture sports apparel brand focused on making sporting goods (aka t-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, hats, etc) with some decent thought put into each piece. We are designers and thinkers with big hearts for the big leagues. And we've been fortunate enough to collaborate with good-taste having athletes like Derrick Henry.

Anyways, the point is, let's lead with our hearts and not with cold, calculated business decisions. Prioritize Derrick Henry over a Super Bowl and show him the love and respect he deserves.

In conclusion, being the best team is overrated. Let's change the conversation. It's time we focus on winning the trophy for having the best human on your team and keeping him until he's ready to call it quits but still stay on as a coach or advisor or something.